Since 1992 working for our eldersOffering the best services

Focusing on comprehensive care for our residents, the center offers services ranging from basic care related to hygiene, rehabilitation therapies, counseling, medical care in general, occupational therapy and recreational services in general, in a completely family atmosphere .

The center organizes outings, excursions and guided tours of general interest visits. Sunday cinema projection and dances brightened up by an orchestra. Hairdressing, manicure and podiatry are available daily for residents.

Residencia San Rafael is one of the most advanced centers that exist in Andalusia for dependents care. In the center we have all the necessary resources to meet all cases regulated by the Spanish Law of Personal Autonomy Dependent.

We have two different types of stays:

-Permanent stays: user is entered into the center for an indefinite period occupying a private seat or occupying one of the seats agreed with the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policies of the Andalusian.

-Day stays: spend the day in the center and at night returns home. [More information]


Designed to make residents feel as if they were at home, the center is responsible for processing through Social Security, prescriptions and medical specialties that the resident needs. In addition, the center has assisted hospital transport service itself and is connected to the emergency department of Nijar, allowing the urgent transfer and scheduled transfer of any resident.

And to keep our residents informed, San Rafael Residence also features press service and Wi-Fi.